You're not alone.

Friend, I've been there and I see you.

 It's possible to overcome the challenges of living a globally mobile life AND I'm proof that it's possible to live a fulfilling and happy life abroad.

Sometimes, it just takes a gentle nudge to get the ball rolling.

Do you want to feel more confident and in alignment with the real, most authentic version of you? Does a chance at gaining clarity around what you want your expat life to look like feel like the next best step? Would identifying goals and overcoming those pesky limiting beliefs holding you back make you feel empowered? 

Look at working together as an opportunity to rediscover what lights you up, take back control of your mindset and release the badass within.



A holistic approach to creating a kick ass lifestyle abroad.

I offer 1:1 tailored coaching options to suit your individual needs.

If you're looking for someone who get's what it's like to live the struggle as a badass abroad, look no further - you've found your woman.

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Badass Testimonials


Claire offers a realistic approach to the expat experience while offering reassurance, affirmation, and skills to improve life abroad. Throughout my work with Claire, I have felt seen and understood. Her gentle approach offers a warm and open space that allowed me to feel comfortable from the start. She is a great soundboard and in working with her, I’ve been able to untangle a lot of feelings and even gain confidence in myself.

- Jessica in Liechtenstein

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