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A holistic approach to creating a kick-ass lifestyle abroad.

So you moved overseas.

And everyone back home thinks your life must be nothing less than AMAZING.  Your social media feed tells the world life is good... but deep inside,
something is off.

​The initial excitement of settling into your new international lifestyle has finally lost its shine, and though your day-to-day life is fine, it's not exactly fulfilling. ​

Friend, I have been there and I feel you.

Living the expat life is tough.

Navigating feelings of loneliness, identity loss and anywhere in between can be difficult and overwhelming.

You’re feeling misunderstood. 

Limited in your options for a stable support system. 

Uncertain of what changes could be made while you’re living abroad. 

You’re needing the confidence to make a change.

To feel empowered to work towards your goals. 

To get a new outlook or a ‘spark’ for the next right thing.

Create a vision for your future.

Coaching helps guide you away from doubt and uncertainty 

by shifting your mindset to feel valued and gain clarity 

so that you can live a fulfilling and intentional life abroad. 


One-on-one coaching services are available.


Schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call to see if we are a good match.


It’s time to make the expat experience better than ‘fine’.



Hey, I'm  Claire.

I'm an expat veteran whose been supporting my family on our global journey since 2009 when our lives were uprooted and shipped overseas for what was supposed to be a two-year assignment.

The journey of living abroad continues. 

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs living abroad, often feeling overwhelmed and lonely. 

But then shift happened. 

People had referred to me as a trailing spouse, but that didn’t sit well with me. I now refer to myself as a badASS - Accompanying Supportive Spouse. 


Why? Because shift happened. 


And it can happen for you, too. 


I understand what it’s like to feel to be a tangled mess of emotions, and I know that it’s possible to come out the other side stronger and happier.


So it’s my mission to help other women feel the victory in living life as an empowered expat!

Client Testimonials

Claire offers a realistic approach to the expat experience while offering reassurance, affirmation, and skills to improve life abroad. Throughout my work with Claire, I have felt seen and understood. Her gentle approach offers a warm and open space that allowed me to feel comfortable from the start. She is a great soundboard and in working with her, I’ve been able to untangle a lot of feelings and even gain confidence in myself.

My work with Claire has helped me discover deeper insight into what drives me and how it contributes to my feelings. This new outlook is empowering me to add more spark to my daily life. Claire always keeps track of my stated goals while allowing me to think out loud. She is adept at distilling meaning from our sessions and helps create actionable steps for forward progress.

- Jessica

- Lia


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