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How To Get Your Expat Shift Together


Our author’s alter ego – a flailing spouse and dedicated mom of two who’s a decade into her expat life and doesn’t know who the hell she is anymore. Dandelion’s schtick is getting old. Dandelion’s feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Dandelion’s longing for the days when there was more to life than wandering the aisles of another damn grocery store in expatland. Dandelion’s life is a #shitastrophy.

What my readers say

"With a strong dose of wit and endearing pragmatism, Claire Hauxwell chronicles the ups and downs of her life as an expat Accompanying Supportive Spouse (or ASS, as she calls it). She shares her engaging journey of personal transformation through courage, authenticity and self-love. If you're an expat partner looking for insights, tools and inspiration to embark on your own badass adventure, Badass Abroad is the book for you."

Katia Vlachos, PhD, CPCC, author of A Great Move: Surviving and Thriving In Your Expat Assignment

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