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Are you comfy yet?

School is back in session, and I am so excited to be back. I’m so happy to have a few days a week to myself. Not that I do anything particularly exciting, but I can go to the grocery store by myself…hey, that’s what I consider relaxing. Also, it’s giving me a chance to catch up with all of those that went to their home countries for the summer. It’s so exciting to hear what people did, and where they went. I stayed in Belgium, so I’m only slightly bitter when they talk about all the sunshine they soaked in, but I digress.

It has also got me meeting new people. I volunteer my time at my daughters’ school for the family association. So, I’ve been able to get involved with welcoming new families to the school. I always think it’s so fascinating to find out another persons’ story – where they came from, whether it’s their first move or their tenth move, and how they are coping with their new environment. I’m sure they feel like they are rattling of a recording. Regurgitating the same info time and time again…We’ve moved here from (insert your city); We’ve been here for (insert your time); We live in (insert your new neighborhood), We have (insert number) children…etcetera, etcetera. I mean, I still rattle my details off at least weekly!

This back to school season has got me thinking about transitions. I mean, we have been in Brussels nearly a year, and we are still transitioning in some ways.  I am learning new things every day. Like, a friend who just recently moved here told me that electricity was cheaper after 10PM and on weekends. I never knew this, I wouldn’t have looked into it to be honest, but it’s good to know. I guess I forgot how hard things can be initially, and how frustrating the little things in life can be. I can remember how tough it was going to the grocery store to buy bread crumbs when I first moved to Geneva…I wanted to make a meatloaf. I can remember being nearly in tears because people kept sending me to the flour section because they thought I wanted to make bread.

I soon realized things would start getting better, and they did. It took a lot of time, it took a lot of patience, and it took a lot of wandering around aimlessly! I soon figured out my routine…my favorite grocery store (I still miss the Kiwi Banana yogurt from Coop), how to use the tram system (which I still haven’t done in Brussels), where I could always find a parking spot (even if I had to take up two spaces), and how to get what I needed from the pharmacy (including a carpet cleaner – yeah…go figure). I eventually felt comfortable with my life…I hit my comfort zone, but not a “BAD” comfort zone. I figure a stage of being comfortable is a good thing, and well deserved. I actually think it’s a huge accomplishment. I think being able to do anything comfortably and confidently is a big accomplishment.

So, if you are just embarking on this life adventure, don’t worry…You’ll get comfortable. You’ll find your path, you’ll get your groove, and you’ll hopefully love your life. I know I do. Now, push yourself a little further, give yourself a challenge and get out of your comfort zone! J

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