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Blue Skies

The view in the forest near my house while walking my dog this morning

I know my last post was about how the sun never comes out in Belgium.  Well, it typically doesn’t but the past two weeks have made up for all the misery I’ve endured.  It has been beautiful here.  I just can’t say thank you to Mother Nature enough.  She finally stopped PMS-ing long enough to enjoy life a little! It’s going to be hard to believe, but I’ve even managed to get sunburn.  I know people, push your jaws up, it’s totally true.

Life here in Brussels over the past couple of weeks has been totally different.  I even think the natives are attempting to smile a bit more!  Life is totally different when the sun is out, and the temp rises above freezing.  The terraces and sidewalks at the restaurants and cafes around town are packed, and the people tend to linger a little longer than they normally would just to soak up a little more of the forgotten atmosphere.  The parks are loaded with families picnicking, and older couples taking walks.  My kids are barefoot, and swinging on the swing set in the garden.  Everyone sheds there heavy winter coats and boots for shorts and flip-flops.  

It’s absolutely glorious.

We’ve hosted a few BBQ’s over the past couple weeks, and it’s been such a great chance to catch up with friends.  I mean, we always have people over, but there is just something about sitting on the back patio watching the kids play with a cold drink in hand.  The music quietly lulls under the squeals of children chasing each other around, and in my case…the multiple languages being spoken across the table.

I wish this summer feeling would never end.  I dread the day when Mother Nature realizes she’s made a beautiful mistake, and blessed us with the ability to take advantage of her true potential.  It hasn’t ended yet, but according to the weather icon on my iPad it’s coming.  I’m hoping it comes back soon…I will be the first one to welcome it back and hand it a drink!

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