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Last weekend was when we turned the clocks back, and I totally forgot until about 11 AM (um…sorry 12 PM).  When I (I mean my littlest Brussels Sprout) woke up, I thought it was 5:45 AM…and technically it was, at least my body thought it was…luckily a warm cup of milk lulled my little one back to bed for another hour or so.  The mornings are so dark that you literally think you are waking up in the middle of the night.  My poor husband is out the door before the sun goes up, and doesn’t come home till way after the sun goes down.  So, I am hoping there are windows in his office so that he knows the sun does still exist.  I’m thinking that I might get a vitamin D light for the winter months.  We’ll see.  Maybe that’s an idea for Santa Claus.

I know my beautiful fall days are numbered, and soon I’ll be dressing myself as though I am heading to the Arctic tundra.  The trees will be barren, and the sky will turn to grey.  And, I guess that’s okay.  The seasons are all about change, right?  It’s inevitable that the leaves will all fall, and that the cold weather will roll in.  But, that doesn’t mean we should shrivel up, and hide our duvets.  I mean, that sounds good, but it’s realistically not possible for the majority of us…so pull on your rain boots, and get ready for it…cause it’s coming…whether you are ready or not!

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