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Go Figure

I am always presently surprised when things go the way they should.  I know that sounds a bit cynical, but I just can’t help it.

A couple of days ago a warning appeared on my dashboard “low oil”.  I thought that was kind of peculiar since my car is brand new, and only 2 months old.  I had planned on bringing my car to the dealership tomorrow since I had to drive out to Leuven for something else.  I guess I pushed it too far because my car’s red warning light came on, and the car said to stop immediately, turn the car off, and to call BMW Mobility.  Luckily, I was pulling into the driveway and was able to get home safely. 

Later I called “BMW Mobility”…I was so happy to hear “for English, press 3”, and when someone actually came on to the phone…they spoke English.  I told him the problem, and he said he would have a technician call in the next 10 minutes.  To my disbelief, 10 minutes later a technician called.  He said that he wanted to tow the car to the dealership for service…just to be safe.  He proceeded to ask me if I needed a replacement car.  I said yes, and he confirmed that the tow truck would arrive in the early evening with a replacement car.  About an hour later the phone rang again, it was a woman calling to let me know that the tow truck operator would be at my house between 8-9 PM because he had to get a replacement car on the other side of town.  At 8:30 PM the tow truck operator rolled in with my new ride, and promptly towed my car away.

This is my first time to have a real issue with my new car, but if this is the kind of service that BMW offers…I’m sold.  Having car issues is a pain in the butt, and I honestly thought I was going to have a lot of crap to deal with, but so far so good.  

I’ll keep you posted on how the second half of this story unfolds.  But, I am hoping it ends well, and that my level of customer service continues to be this good.  Only time will tell.

On another note…I still haven’t heard from the police department about my bus issue.  I’m not completely surprised, but I guess we’ll find out what they say when I go in there to question them!

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