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Goodbye, Dear Friend

My heart is going out to my dear friend, Vicky.  Yesterday she lost her beloved beagle, Sherlock.  He was only two years old.  He was struggling with seizures, and unfortunately things took an abrupt turn for the worse. 

Sherlock was a sweet boy.  His ears were soft, and he grunted like a little piggy.  He was a finicky eater…Vicky would make him homemade dog food, mostly ground beef with vegetables.  He was Wyatt’s little buddy.  He was a good boy.  And, he will be missed. 

My poor friend’s heart is breaking, and I can’t do anything to fix it.  I know how she feels, as I lost my other dog, Murphy, 1 ½ years ago.  It’s horrible.  The house feels empty, and you keep waiting for them to walk past.  But, they never do. 

I still have Murphy’s collar in my night stand.  Last night, my four year old asked me why his collar was in my drawer.  I picked it up, rubbed it, smelled it, and placed it back in the drawer carefully.  I looked down at her and said, “It’s in there because it’s important to me.  I miss Murphy, and his collar helps to remind me of my friend.” 

Vicky – I am sad for you, and I am mourning for you. Hold his collar tight, and reminisce.  Think of how he made you smile, and how he loved you unconditionally.

Sherlock – I must thank you for bringing Vicky and her family into my life.  If it wasn’t for our chance meeting while walking you and Wyatt, we may have never met.  I will be forever grateful.

Watch over us, Sherlock.  We will miss you, dear friend.

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