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I Didn’t Even Go Skiing On Break – And, I Get An Injury

This week was “Carnival” here in Belgium.  If you don’t know of Carnival, you’ve probably heard of Mardi Gras…Party time, right?  I can’t say I actually celebrated anything.  I was trying to keep my sanity since our family didn’t go anywhere for the break.  All the schools are on holiday, and you’ll find most people escape to the mountains for ski vacations or to the sea for fun in the sun. 

I was lucky to get a few hours of peace during the week.  My little one went to crèche (AKA the nursery) and my eldest attended a stage (AKA daycamp) with a couple of her friends.  They had a blast.  She got to swim everyday this week…you can’t beat that.  And, for 105€ for the week, it’s a steal.  These camps are huge in Europe.  They typically run most school holidays and summer vacations…And they are lifesavers to parents!!!  You just have to find the good ones.  This last one was a keeper.  She attended a farm camp last summer, where she was able to ride horses and feed chickens.  She loved that one too.  Only hard part for her is that the camps are typically conducted in French or Dutch, but most people speak some English…so she gets by pretty easily.

This week was also the beginning of Lent.  I always give something up for Lent.  Something I love.  This year I have chosen chocolate.  This doesn’t really sound like a big deal, but when you live in Belgium (where chocolate is a national treasure), it’s pretty damn difficult.  Everywhere I turn there is chocolate.  Chocolate shops, chocolate cereal, chocolate cookies, pain au chocolate, chocolate brioche, chocolate drinks…it’s everywhere!  On top of it all, my little one picked out Easter colored Peanut M&M’s…one of my favorite candies.  I’m dyin’ here, and I still have like 5 weeks to go.  I hope I really hope I don’t cave.

On top of this grandioso week, I got a migraine last night.  That wasn’t even the even the cherry on the sundae.  I walked into a footstool that was in our dining room (which is not supposed to be in the dining room).  I hit the corner of the stool in just the right spot…between my baby toe and fourth toe.  At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal.  I thought I just stubbed it, but nope…it started to throb, hurt, and swell.  This morning it was bruised.  Now, it’s seriously bruised and swollen.  My old doctor in Virginia told me to go to the doctor and get an x-ray.  A friend (who is a nurse) said it didn’t look very good, and that I should go to the doctor in the morning.  There’s not much you can do for a toe, but I’m hoping for the best.

I’ll keep you posted on all of my theatrics.  I have to go to court this week for my car accident too.  Sweet.


My Engine Trouble:  Remember when I was so happy with the BMW service that I received a few months back?  Well, it turns out that there was a defective fuel pump, and the engine was cashed.  In the beginning of the dealership’s investigation, they tried to claim that I was the reason for the problem.  And, that we would need to pay for a new engine.  I mean, it’s not like I was driving around for a month with “check engine” light on.  Besides, it’s a brand new car!!!!  You shouldn’t need to add oil at 3000 km!  Anyway, they eventually came to the correct conclusion…a BMW should not have this sort of problem.  They replaced the engine, and it’s been rollin’ well ever since.

I can’t say that the customer service was as stellar as it had been at first…it was like a bait n’ switch scheme.  There was a lot of finger pointing and accusing, and I was the one with the target on my back! 

The Bus Accident:  I’ve heard nothing.  It took the police nearly three weeks to get a police report to me.  When I went in to the police station for the 2nd time regarding documentation for my insurance, they told me the detective hadn’t submitted any paperwork yet.  Seriously?  It’s not like the commune I live in is a hot bed for crime.  There’s like 4 police cars.  At any rate, I did finally get the paperwork.  But, I haven’t heard from them regarding getting anyone to pay for the repairs. 

So, in my opinion…CASE CLOSED.  I’m done.  This is so typical.

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