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It's Hot, and I'm Unmotivated

For those living in the Northern hemisphere, it's now officially summer - I'm writing this on

June 21st, the longest day of the year. The school year is finally ending tomorrow. My kids go to an international school, and for some reason their school year always feels never ending, yet they always seem to be on some sort of a break.

Like the kids, my motivation tends to wane as the warmer weather shows up and the days get longer. Who can blame them for getting summeritis - wanting to stay up late without any desire of getting out of their bed when the alarm goes off in the morning... except that I'm an adult, who can't help but wake when the sun comes up. Why do birds think sleep is overrated? Adulting is just the best.

This morning as I slapped together the 185th lunch of the school year for my daughter, I had zero motivation. I was so tired of making the same thing every damn day - she's a creature of habit, so her lunches don't have a lot of variation. I am so thankful I don't have to do it again until August... and hopefully by that time, she'll want me to pack something different.

I put bread in the toaster, and grabbed the Nutella - God, I hate Nutella. Am I the only one that can't stand it? I spread it on the warm bread, and handed it over to my kid who can't seem to look up from her phone. It's like I'm reliving the same morning - a la Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day - but it doesn't matter anymore because school is out for summer. The only downside is that my kids don't have anywhere to be at 8:45AM. 😂

Other than for the morning school shuffle, my motivation has been on point lately. And, to keep this motivation moving forward, I can't let summertime antics like hot weather that makes me feel lethargic or the "I'm on vacay" mentality derail my progress.

If you're feeling less than motivated as we enter this new season, let's reframe "I'm stuck" to "I'm looking at the opportunities available to me." To do this, I've conjured up a top 11 list. I know that's a little weird, but whatever... I couldn't shrink the list anymore than I already did. It's designed to help you kick your ass in gear... whether you're heading into summer holidays or getting ready to tackle winter.

  1. SET A NEW GOAL - It doesn't have to be massive. Maybe it's to cook two new recipes a week. When you smash your goal, set a new but slightly more challenging one.

  2. START THE DAY ON A POSITIVE - When you wake up in the morning, do something that fuels you. Take 5 deep breaths, stretch for 10 minutes, or drink 8 oz. of water first thing. It doesn't have to be rocket science.

  3. DECLUTTER YOUR SPACE - Start with one small space every day - a drawer here or a cabinet there. If you continue to choose one small space to organize all season long, the work will add up without you noticing.

  4. DO A BRAIN DUMP - Write down EVERYTHING that pops into your head, from your list of errands to what is weighing on your heart. When you finish, reflect on any themes that may have popped up while writing.

  5. DON'T SAY NO - It's too easy to say no, so I'm challenging you to say YES. If someone asks you to go for a walk, the answer is yes. Want to hit the beach? Yes. Check out a new restaurant? Yes. I think you get my drift.

  6. VISUALIZE THE NEXT YOU - Grab some old magazines, a pair of scissors and some glue to create a vision board. When you're done, stick it somewhere you'll see it everyday as a daily reminder of who you are stepping into next.

  7. EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE - Grab yourself a pretty bound notebook, and journal for five minutes about what you feel grateful for today. Don't think about it... just write.

  8. CHOOSE GOOD VIBE - Surround yourself with those that feel like sunshine and be aware of those who drain your energy. If you need ideas on how to do this... let me know.

  9. GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA - I know this is hard, but it's a total time sucker. And if you're like me, you'll compare yourself to those who look like they have their shit together (but really don't)... and that's no bueno.

  10. CHANGE UP YOUR ROUTINE - Lace up your shoes and run outside instead of on the treadmill, go to a café for your morning java, or read at the beach instead of on your couch... a change of scenery can do wonders.

  11. THE 2-MINUTE RULE - Productivity Consultant, David Allen's method helps get things done. If you can do a task in 2 minutes, do it right now. This a great way to banish procrastination and accomplish small tasks.

Even with the best intentions, I think it's extremely important to remember not every day will be 100% motivating - so don't make it an issue. And another important thing to remember is consistency. By noticing the less significant but consistent accomplishments, you will build confidence and crave the feeling of getting and keeping the ball rolling.

So here's my theory... In my experience, wanting to change requires motivation. For motivation to occur, things have to get really uncomfortable on my part - maybe my jeans are too snug, I can't seem to get a good night's sleep or my day to day seems overly mundane. In turn, I must take action because I can't deal with being uncomfortable any longer.

So, I ask you... what's it going to take to make you feel so uncomfortable that you can't ignore the motivation to make shift happen? Seriously, I want to know - share your thoughts with me here.

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