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London Town

We took a short trip to London with the girls over Elyse’s winter break.  We just needed to get out of our house…I was getting cabin fever!

It was just an overnight trip, via the Eurostar train (which makes traveling to London a breeze from Brussels and Paris).  We had a fantastic hotel right on Westminster Bridge…such a great location.  We had a great view of Big Ben as we walked out of the hotel doors. 

We visited the London Aquarium which was nice, and good thing for the girls…but super busy, even during the off season!  We walked through Trafalgar Square, ate cupcakes in Covent Garden, and of course had fish & chips.  Taking a ride on the London Eye is kind of uneventful, but I guess it’s something you have to do.  Little E kept saying, “this ferris wheel isn’t moving!”  Getting in line first thing in the morning paid off…there wasn’t a line at all.  We also visited the London Zoo in Regent’s Park.  Obviously, zoo’s are better in any other season than winter, but it was nice zoo.  And, the walk through Regent’s Park was great…so many dogs running around, football (soccer) games going on, and more runners than I’ve ever seen before.

All in all, it was a good trip…that’s the fun part of living in Brussels.  You can go so many places, so easily.  And, it’s not terribly expensive.  So, when you can…take advantage of it!

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