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The Dilemma

Have you ever been lost? Not like being lost in your car and your spouse won’t pull over for directions kind of lost. But, the kind of internal feeling of being lost? Like not having a passion or a motivating driver? I am currently dealing with this crappy feeling. And, I hate it.

Being an expat can be tough.  Being a trailing spouse expat can be even tougher.  By no means have I ever been a “trailing spouse”.  I’ve always managed to find jobs (good jobs) in each city that my husband and I found ourselves living in momentarily.  But, when we decided to become expats, we decided that I would stay home with our kids.  Which is great…so many people wish they could be there for their child’s early years.  I appreciate each day I can be with my kids.

Staying home kind of fell in my lap.  Moving oversees made it too hard for me to work…I couldn’t rely on my husband to be flexible (his job was demanding), I was 7 months pregnant when we moved to Switzerland, and getting a work permit would have been a hassle.  Besides, I would have been working to pay for a nanny. And, I never thought it was fair for me to work.  I mean I never know how long I am going to be living somewhere.  I don’t like making a commitment, and then not being able follow through on my commitments.  I know that seems like a novel idea these days.

The Dilemma

So, here in lies the problem. I love my life. I have a great life…husband, kids, dogs, friends, etc. But, it’s missing one thing. A passion. Some people are passionate about jobs or hobbies. But, me? I’ve got nothing! I like working out, but it’s not my life. I can’t cook very well, I’m not a photographer, and I hate (I mean really hate) crafting. 

Here are things I like/love…

– All things old (pre mid-century antiques)

– Organization (I’m really Type A)

– Reading

– Traveling

– Writing

– Decorating

– Researching (it goes with the Type A thing)

– Shopping (for anything – and I’ll research the hell out of it)

– My pets (they are my family too)

– Cleaning (it’s therapeutic for me…I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either)

So, I’m challenging you to help me.  I need to find my passion.  I’m hoping you’ll share your passions with me.  Tell me what you love to do.  Maybe you’ll spark a thought in my head that I had never thought about before.

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