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Yesterday I was indirectly called the C-word on social media. And, it honestly doesn’t bother me a damn bit.  If it had come from someone who was supposed to deeply care about me, then yes, I’d be hurt.  But, I don’t think Facebook friends of friends mean anything at all.  And, apparently the so called friend (who actually liked the comment) doesn’t seem to matter at all either.  So, I did what I was asked. I unfriended her.   Social media is a funny thing. It seems to be the livelihood of so many people, especially young adults, teens, and bored middle aged women. I’m not a social media junkie. I have a twitter account, but can’t figure out how to really use it. I have a Snap Chat account, but can’t seem to get my phone out in time to snap the hilarious picture I wish to share. I have Instagram and Pinterest accounts, which I like and actually know how to use. And, I have a Facebook account. I guess it sounds like a lot, and maybe it is…but I guess I just use them all in moderation.  

I like Facebook, but I do not live for Facebook. I check it in the morning while watching the news and drinking my coffee, or in the evening when I am ready to check-in to dreamland. But, I do not LIVE on it like some people do. I enjoy the funny videos, the pictures of smiling faces, the memes that make me chuckle, and the unbelievable stories from around the world. I feel the very reason social media can be so cool is that it allows us to partake in the everyday life of those we might not see every day, week, year or even decade.  But, somehow, somewhere or sometime during our lives we had a connection – and through social media we can “keep in touch”.

I scroll through your political bashing (left or right – it doesn’t matter), your religious righteousness (pick your religion), your race hating (black, white, purple or green), your phishing statuses (Did you ever just want to cry?), your sexual preferences (you can love whoever you want to love), your hashtag bandwagon of the week (#doesanyoneeverreallysearchahashtag), and just about anything else you can have an opinion on in this world. I may not agree with you, but you’d never know that I might think you are a raging idiot. Those are your choices…Your opinions…Your beliefs…Your life.  I just choose not to comment.

Now before I go on, I need to preface one thing for you…I have a bit of a trucker mouth. I’m not afraid to throw an F bomb out there, and shit is one of my favorite words. “WTF?” pops into my head more times than I can count in a day. I am not offended by swear words, foul language, etc. On your own social media pages, you can post whatever the hell you want to post, and it won’t bother me at all…If I don’t like it, I just keep scrolling and you’re gone. But, I don’t think you should post horrible language on other people’s pages. It’s just not nice. I digress.  Anyway back to me being called the C-word… With all the back to school pictures and such, I posted a bloggers post about Back to School and moms to avoid.  I thought it was funny, actually I thought it was really funny.  And, according to 99% of my FB friends, they thought it was funny too (or ignored it, but I’d never know because they didn’t comment).  Except for one… “The One” replied to the blog I shared on my FB page. They clearly didn’t like the blog, and didn’t even get through reading the entire thing (which they admitted) before lashing out about the blog’s content on my page.  I was a bit annoyed, but I just basically acknowledged them with a “whatever” response.  Another friend commented on this person’s comment, basically saying if they had read the entire blog, they’d know the blogger was in the end making fun of herself and to lighten up. This comment did not go over well with The One.  And, they in turn made a pretty foul and crude comment on MY Facebook page. I did not appreciate this kind of crap behavior.  I mean my mom is on Facebook, and she reads my stuff. I don’t really need her reading crass remarks from someone who clearly has no sense of humor.  Nor, do I appreciate asinine things being said to my friends (except by me).  So, I deleted the comment.  And, boy did that piss them off.  Later, as I was scrolling through my feed, I saw a post by The One.  It was a rant stemming from my blog post.  And, they targeted me in the comments. One response was “She’s a c@#$!”. And, The One liked the comment. I guess they failed to see that I didn’t delete it because they didn’t agree with me, but because they couldn’t do the very thing they accused the blogger of being…A bully.   There is enough shitty stuff going on in this world like crazed lunatics shooting people, civil wars, human trafficking, etc.  Can’t we as a society ever just have a feel good moment?  Can’t we just get over our P.C. Police mentality and have a little fun?  Can’t you just look past those who don’t agree with you and focus on the puppy videos and baby pictures? Seriously…Come on people.  

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