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Friend, I've been there and I see you - you are not alone.

Battling the chaos of midlife is no small feat, but conquering it is absolutely within reach. Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle push to set the wheels in motion.


Are you craving  MORE CONFIDENCE  and alignment with the true, unfiltered version of who you are? Does the prospect of gaining clarity around what you want your midlife to look like sound like the perfect next move? Imagine pinpointing your goals and bulldozing through those stubborn limiting beliefs that have been holding you hostage.

Picture this as not just a collaboration but an opportunity to unearth what truly ignites your passion, reclaim control of your mindset, and  RELEASE THE BADASS  that's been itching to break free. 


Take Back Your Narrative

No one gets to write your story but you.

I provide personalized 1:1 coaching option designed to fit your unique needs.

If you're searching for someone who truly understands the challenges of living as a badass abroad, your search ends here – you've found your go-to guide.

Ready to take the first step? Book a FREE 30-minute call with me to discover how we can tailor your journey. Click the link below and let's start getting your shift together. 


Shift is about to get real.

Welcome to  UNSCRIPTED  — a guided approach to aligning with yourself by rediscovering the

woman staring back at you in the mirror. This isn't about who you used to be or who you think others

want you to be; it's about embracing who you truly are today. And it isn't reinvention, it's redefinition.

Picture this: The sheer power of speaking your truth, granting yourself the space to explore what you

envision for your future. Imagine gaining a crystal-clear vision of your identity and desires, fueling

you to confidently step into  THE MOST BADASS RENDITION  of yourself (because let's face it, we're

always evolving) and shift your mindset towards a life that's ruthlessly purpose-driven and rewarding.


Yes, it may sound daunting, but trust me, you can conquer the challenging aspects, and you certainly

don't have to navigate this journey solo. Together, we'll  FACE THIS CHALLENGE HEAD-ON , peeling

back the layers that might be keeping you from unleashing your full potential.

Consider this your golden ticket to get crystal clear on your priorities. It's time to lay the foundation

for how you'll not just bridge the gap but obliterate it, fearlessly by  RESHAPING AND REDEFINING 

who you are today. This is your moment to own it.

What's in store for you?

  • Three months of personalized 1:1 support

  • A kick-off 90-minute exploratory session

  • Six 1-hour coaching sessions

  • WhatsApp support for accountability and in-the-moment coaching

  • Tailored exercises, tools, and resources crafted just for you.

Adapt & Succeed

Life Transition Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

Introducing  ADAPT & SUCCEED  — crafted by the ingenious Sundae Schneider-Bean, this is your

undercover weapon against the toll of change. Unlike anything else out there, Adapt & Succeed is a

game-changer, redefining how individuals and organizations tackle transitions by fast-tracking the

adjustment process.


Presented in a lively restaurant menu format, this intuitive program serves up  MOTIVATION,

STRENGTH, and SITUATION-SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS  right at your fingertips. Whether your

transition is geographical, cultural, professional, or venturing into a new life stage, Adapt & Succeed is

your companion, guiding you at your pace, all from the comfort of your computer.


 INTERNATIONALLY PROVEN , its exclusive formula has effortlessly guided hundreds through

changes, big and small. Trust Adapt & Succeed to be your partner, helping you not just show up, but

stay on track and flourish, even when faced with challenges.


Adapt & Succeed isn't just a program; it's an on-demand coaching experience. Featuring four

60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Claire as your coach, along with self-guided study. Ready to

revolutionize your approach to change? Let's dive in.

What my clients say

Claire offers a realistic approach to the experience while offering reassurance, affirmation, and skills to improve life abroad. Throughout my work with Claire, I have felt seen and understood. Her gentle approach offers a warm and open space that allowed me to feel comfortable from the start. She is a great soundboard and in working with her, I’ve been able to untangle a lot of feelings and even gain confidence in myself.


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