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I am a dandelion.

I am a dandelion. Most believe I am nothing but a pesky weed pimpling the lush lawn of life. That couldn’t be farther from my truth.

I am considered common. I assure you, I am nothing short of magnificent. My never-ending cycle of recreation is notorious, and easily recognizable by my bright buttery blossoms and my fluffy snowballs of cottony seed.

I am deeply rooted to the earth. The long tendrils of my origin grow deep, sometimes grounding me in places one does not wish to grow – the gravely shoulder of the road or between a sidewalk crack. This does not scare me, as I am hard to kill. My proven resilience will shut down the ones who question my existence.

I am adaptable. My inclination for flexibility allows me to thrive in harsh conditions alongside the other flowers of the world. I do not compete to survive among them but am keenly aware that delicate orchids and lilies cannot do what I do. I am tough and full of grit.

I am useful. Each part of me is valuable – from the tips of my roots to the petals of my flowers, I can heal and nourish the soul. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I always offer my sustenance. It is solely up to others to consume the power I hold.

I am vital to life. My role is valuable to aiding the continuing process of life. Even though the part I play is small, it is imperative. My mere existence serves those who pollinate the next level of existence. They cannot do their greatest work if I am not there to do mine.

I am joy. You will not find me in the flower shop, but I am often given as a gift by the ones who find happiness in the simplest of things. Those small acts of kindness in turn bring pleasure to the recipients, creating a ripple effect that touches as many others as possible.

I am hope. When the seeds of life take flight to share myself with the world, it spreads the wisdom I’ve gained through this process of growth. This is the final stop on my journey before the rebirth process begins again.

I am love. None of the work I do is solely for me. It is for the greater good of those I deeply care for and serve. The affection for the ones I hold dear runs deep and fills me with the strength to continually show up in a world where it is easy to hide my power.

I am a dandelion. Deeply grounded and unassuming, but ever so mighty. Don’t ever underestimate my quiet power.

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